Yes, I’m going to join the masses, be boring and talk about the sensational Glee!

Do not get me wrong; on every level I should absolutely loathe this TV show. While I am an all-singing all-dancing kind of girl, I don’t want it on my television. On stage, where the performers are incredibly talented and prove it by belting out wonderful, intelligently written songs and fill a theatre, yes please. Unless we’re talking about the masterpieces like Grease or the genius of Disney (clearly not including HSM 1, 2 or 3) I’m not likely to be impressed. If this makes me a musical snob then so be it but as a young regular at various theatre’s I’ve decided I have the right and also it makes me feel better as I have no musical talent at all, lacking the ability to play the recorder.

I spent many of my younger years performing as a dancer as the lack of skill in musical areas left me no other choice, so I spent a lot of my time around many people that resemble the annoying stage-school characters seen in HSM and Glee. I’m still very good friends with a certain young woman that as I look back was far too similar to Rachel Berry – a character that I described to a fellow blogger as someone “I’d happily throw up on.” The only difference being that my school friend avoided the slushies, so now I can only reminisce and wish there had been a Slush Puppy Machine in school for me to have tortured her.

While Lea Michelle’s character alone is almost annoying enough for me to not only turn my television off but to destroy the evidence that I had ever seen Glee, there are a couple of guys in the show that make it entirely worth watching: Artie & Kurt, played by Kevin McHale and Chris Colfer. The two characters are people that I would genuinely love to be friends with – Kurt’s passion for Marc Jacob and Artie’s desire to dance?! We’d be BFF’s. I just know it.

My love for Kurt is a little stronger, especially after his performance of ‘Defying Gravity’ and in my opinion destroyed Rachel in their sing-off. (What does Mr. Schuester know, anyway?!) Colfer is so undeniably talented – so much so that the part of Kurt Hummel was written specifically for him after he auditioned for the part of Artie, already taken by McHale. Thank goodness for that because if my Monday night’s were lacking the angelic voice of Kurt, I don’t think I’d be as content! The talent in the show cannot be argued as all the actors can clearly sing and while Finn’s dance moves are questionable, the light comedy can mask it pretty well – Sue Sylvester is comedy genius.

Unfortunately for me, it’s a one man show. My Monday night's are suddenly less sparkly..